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Clear Concepts for Successful Workload Automation

Before work began on developing the schedulix Open Source Workload Automation Software, a huge number of varying problem scenarios drawn from practical experiences gained on major projects were analysed and broken down to their conceptual core. The result of this process is a manageable number of simple, clearly understandable concepts with which all functional requirements for IT process automation can be met. These concepts are for example:

  • Exit states
  • Batch and job hierarchies
  • Dependencies
  • Resources
  • Triggers
  • Hierarchically structured workflow environments

Streamlined Concepts for Streamlined Solutions

All tasks that arise in daily practice can be simply, comprehensibly and robustly handled by utilising these concepts and making full use of their interoperability. This has the following advantages:

  • Simple and standardised solutions
  • Improved maintenance and portability
  • Short initial training times due to the steep learning curve

The Main Highlights in Detail