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Workload Automation Security is Crucial

An enterprise job scheduling system that is used to control when processes are to be run in a networked system has to comply with more stringent security standards. A failure to satisfy these security requirements will compromise the security of the entire system. Our workload automation system provides for a maximum degree of security.

In the scheduilx Workload Automation System all components (users, job server agents and user processes) have to authenticate themselves to the system.

Security of the Highest Level

With detailed object privileges, the BICsuite editions PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE can be used to define exactly who is allowed to perform which operations on which objects in the system. System privileges allow administration tasks to be specifically delegated without assigning full administrator privileges. All operator actions can be traced whenever necessary with an audit trail. This has the following advantages:

  • Prevention of unauthorised access
  • Protection against internal and external attacks
  • Auditing security for your running IT processes

The main Highlights in Detail