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schedulix FAQ

Here you find answers to frequently asked question about the schedulix Workload Automation System. If one of your questions isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Which licence is used for schedulix?

schedulix uses the GNU AGPL.

Who is behind schedulix?

schedulix is developed, maintained and supported by independIT Integrative Technologies and functionally identical to the BASIC Edition of the companies’ BICsuite Workload Automation Software. Designed and developed to meet the complex requirements of large data warehouse systems, the key product BICsuite and the open source edition schedulix has been safeguarding the smooth automated operation of large-scale EDWH and business intelligence environments for over a decade.

Will schedulix be further maintained in the future?

All enhancements and fixes of the commercial available BICsuite BASIC Edition will be progated to schedulix.

Is schedulix suitable for practical application?

schedulix offers all necessary functions to fulfill the requirements of a modern IT process automation. Many of our customers are using the BASIC Edition of our BICsuite Enterprise Job Scheduling System, which is functional identical to schedulix.

For which platforms is schedulix available?

schedulix is currently addressed to Linux users. With only a few adaptions schedulix can also be used on UNIX/POSIX and Windows environments.

What’s the base technology schedulix is built on?

The schedulix scheduling server is completly written in Java. On client side beside Java minimal parts are writen in C. The schedulix web frontend is based on the Zope 5 System and written mainly in python3.

Is there support for schedulix?

independIT Integtragive Technologies offers support for schedulix installations based on unmodified source code with different service levels. For questions on service levels and prices, please contact us.