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schedulix Highlights

True to the motto “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, the schedulix Open Source Workload Automation System stands out with a series of features that provide for reliable, dynamic and cost-effective automation of your IT processes.

Completeness, dynamics, streamlined concepts, stability and intuitive operability are just some of the characteristics making schedulix stand out from comparable systems. Taken as a whole, schedulix’s features offer you an unbeatable system for achieving lower costs and greater efficiency from the development phase through to operating all the IT process workflows.

The schedulix Highlights at a Glance

  • Completeness of functions is absolutely crucial for a job scheduler, because if any lacking functions have to be implemented by the user in the managed processes, this will lead to a loss of transparency and flexibility and result in greater susceptibility to errors.
  • schedulix dynamically calculates which processes are to be executed, taking into account all constraints (priorities, resource availability, etc.). Because all processes are started as soon as possible, an optimal throughput of all systems is guaranteed.
  • With a manageable number of simple, clearly understandable concepts such as exit states, batch and job hierarchies, dependencies, resources and triggers in a hierarchically structured runtime environment, all functional requirements for IT process automation can be met in the schedulix job scheduler.
  • The uniform front end allows complete operation of the system for administration, design, monitoring and operations across systems with a standard browser.
  • Scalability: If at any point you need enterprise features, such as audit trail or staging, for which you would like to access one of the proprietary BICsuite editions, you can easily upgrade from schedulix without losing any work.
  • schedulix ensures the highest level of security. All components (users, job server agents and user processes) must authenticate themselves to the system. System privileges allow the targeted delegation of administration tasks without granting full administrator rights. The traceability of all operator interventions is ensured at all times by an audit trail.
  • Integration: All functions of the schedulix Workload Automation System are operated via an open and fully documented API. Unrestricted control from any third-party system is possible at any time.
  • Stability: The restart of all components of schedulix is guaranteed at any time without manual intervention after a hardware or power failure, operating system crash or other problems – assuming the data security of the RDBMS used.
  • Low system load due to the Workload Automation Platform itself and short response times during operation were taken into account from the very beginning as a design goal of schedulix and when building the server infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance.

The main Highlights in Detail: