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schedulix 2.10 released

We are very pleased to announce the new version 2.10 of schedulix. In addition to the already very powerful features of earlier versions, in this release we have paid particular attention to make the operation in some issues even more efficient and flexible. Here are the most important innovations:

  • Web GUI SSO using LDAP/ActiveDirectory
    The BICsuite and schedulix Web GUI (Zope 2 as well as Zope 4 / 5) can now optionally configured to grant access to users using SSO via Active Directory.
  • Web GUI python3 Support
    Zope 4 / 5 based on Python 3 is now officially supported for the BICsuite / schedulix Web GUI. Zope 2 based on Python 2 is still supported but will be deprecated in the next release.
  • Cloning of Jobs
    Jobs already in a final state can be executed a second time by cloning the job to create a new submitted entity. However, this is only possible if the parent of the job has not yet adopted a final exit status.
  • Enable condition for Parent/Child Releationships
    In addition to the enable interval of parent child definitions, a condition can now be specified.

The complete 2.10 release notes you may download as a PDF File here: Release Notes 2.10 PDF